Slicing Machine

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 Characteristic of Slicing Machine

- Main Applications
Almond, nut, peanut, potatoes
Carrot, fruits with skin, cherry, black cherry, mushroom
Red beet, cheese, garlic, onion
Turnip, strawberry, tomatoes
- Slice sizes: 0,8 mm-3 mm
- Using Principle = the product is given to centrifugal slicer from product feeding bunker. With the centrifugal force, the product is transmitted to the 8 pieces of blade group around the machine and it is sliced.
- Blades of machine are adjustable according to product thickness.
- It is made of a complete stainless steel body.
- The motor power is 2.2 kw.
- Its capacity is 800-2000 kg/hour.



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